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At Harrington & Smith, Attorneys At Law, LLC, we specialize in Intellectual Property Law.  Our practice covers most aspects of intellectual property law, including patent, trademark, copyright, unfair competition, computer, trade secret, and related licensing.  We represent many Fortune 500 Companies from the United States and a number of foreign countries.  We provide the skills and experience needed to help companies succeed in this business essential area of the law. 

Our objectives are to be responsive to our clients, work efficiently and provide a superior work product. We offer comprehensive and in-depth patent services in many technologies.

Some of the areas in which our attorneys have particular expertise include

  • airfoil designs, automotive components, biodegradable prosthetic devices, complex machinery and processes, copiers, firearms,
  • gas turbine engines, household appliances, image processing, internal combustion engines, non-linear optics, optics, medical devices,
  • repair processes, research tools, robotics, wing/pylon designs
Electrical / Electronic
  • batteries, computer systems and software, electrical and optical connectors, fuel cells,
  • integrated circuits, image processing, non-linear optics, power cables, robotics, RF and microwave systems and components,
  • semiconductor fabrication, superconductivity, single crystal technology, telecommunications
  • chemical vapor deposition, chemical processes, composites
  • hydrogen storage beds
  • superalloy compositions, surface modification technology, thermal barrier coatings, thin films

In support of our attorneys we employ several professionals to carry out drafting, docketing, accounting, and secretarial and paralegal tasks.  We use the latest in computerized office equipment and software including computerized docketing and billing systems.

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